PАО Novoship


Novorossiysk Shipping Company (Novoship) has always been the largest shipping company in the South of Russia. Founded in 1964 as the tanker branch of the Black Sea Shipping Company, NSC was separated from the parent company on 20 January 1967, and became the independent enterprise with the aim of effective management of bulk-oil fleet and ports on the Russian coast of the Black Sea. On 10 November, 1992, it was registered as a Joint Stock Company. At that time the fleet consisted of 101 vessels totaling 4.70 million deadweight tons and 14.3 years old on average. More than a half of those vessels was built in 1960-1970s and thus was noncompetitive in the world market. But in 1993, Novoship seized an opportunity of developing an independent Fleet Renewal Program. In 1993-2000, NSC had invested about 854 million dollars in purchase and construction of 34 modern vessels aggregating 1.37 million deadweight tons. The Company employs nearly 4,000 seafarers and shore-based personnel. 

In December 2007, Novoship became part of SCF (Sovcomflot) Group. 

Novoship Group operates within the global market of seaborne cargo transportation. Novoship focuses on conventional shipping of crude oil and petroleum products, along with the full scope of technical management services, including maintenance services for sea fleets, consulting services in the field of maritime shipping.

The Company is the legal owner of several trademarks (“Novoship”, “Novorossiysk Shipping Company”, “Новошип”, “Новороссийское морское пароходство”),  registered in relation to the services rendered (classes of  International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS) 35, 36, 39, 41, 42, 43, 45); these trademarks are also being used as part of unified brand of SCF Group - SCF (Safety Comes First).