Sovcomflot at Transport Week 2017

On 6–8 December 2017, SCF Group took part in the 11th International Forum and Transport of Russia Exhibition, a key end-of-year event organised annually by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, as part of Transport Week. 

SCF Group’s stand at the exhibition was visited by the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Maxim Sokolov, who learned more about SCF’s most advanced technology ships, which are currently deployed as part of large-scale industrial projects (Yamal LNG, Novy Port, Sakhalin-1, Sakhalin-2, etc.). 

SCF Group’s President and CEO Sergey Frank spoke at the plenary session entitled “Transport of Russia. In Harmony with Nature”, about introducing LNG gas-fuelled vessels in maritime transport, and issues related to safe navigation in the Arctic. The Sovcomflot CEO noted that more than 80 per cent of all global freight and 60 per cent of Russia’s foreign trade shipments are transported by sea. What is more, maritime transport is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in terms of the volume of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere per freight unit. 

Global environmental standards for sea transport are increasing with each passing year, which is in line with the global trend and the expectation, on the part of the general public, to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment. 

The growing intensity of global shipping raises the issue of the need within the industry to diversify the types of fuel used. This requires shipping companies to have a verified compliance strategy, with respect to the areas in which their vessels operate. 

One of the most promising methods for further reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere is the use of LNG as a marine fuel. 

To comply with the new requirements, established by international maritime conventions, and to take a leadership position, Sovcomflot is using its extensive experience as the largest operator of Aframax-type tankers in world, teamed with a number of oil and gas and shipbuilding companies, to set the transition of an entire segment of the tanker market to the use of more effective “green” fuel technologies. The result of this work will see Aframax tankers running on LNG fuel. 

“With LNG as the main fuel, we can reduce the harmful effect on the environment and reduce the emission of sulphur oxides by 100 per cent, and the emission of nitrogen oxides by 80 per cent, while at the same time increasing the economic efficiency of the fleet’s operation,” Mr. Frank stressed. 

The “green Aframax” tankers will be gradually introduced into operation from July 2018. It is a joint project involving Sovcomflot, the Russian oil company Rosneft and the global oil and gas giant Royal Dutch Shell. Construction of the Sovcomflot-operated Aframax-class tankers designed to run on next-generation gas-engine fuel will take place at the Zvezda Shipyard in Primorsky Krai. The project will contribute to the development of the Russian shipbuilding industry, as well as the bunkering infrastructure for LNG ships. 

The SCF Group CEO emphasised the need for the authorities and regulatory bodies to offer incentives to continue the process of transitioning to a large-capacity fleet that runs on gas-engine fuel, primarily at the stage of policy implementation. 

Speaking about safe navigation in the Arctic, a region with a particularly vulnerable ecosystem, Mr. Frank listed a series of measures that need to be taken in order to continue to develop the region’s natural resources, including: the impermissibility of “substandard” vessels that do not meet the safety requirements of maritime navigation operating at high latitudes; the need for the full-scale development of navigation and hydrographic support for shipping; the satisfactory development of the ice-breaking fleet; the use of advanced engineering and technological solutions for transporting hydrocarbons; and the improvement of maritime education and professional training of crewmen working in the Arctic basin.

SCF Press Office

PAO Sovcomflot (SCF Group) is one of the world's leading shipping companies, specialising in the transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, and liquefied gas, as well as servicing offshore upstream oil and gas installations and equipment. The Group’s fleet comprises 150 vessels with a total deadweight of over 13.1 million tonnes. The company is registered in St. Petersburg with offices in Moscow, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, London, Limassol, and Dubai.

The Group offers a wide range of vessels in the market segments most demanded by major Russian oil and gas companies. With its own technical development and unique approach to advanced technologies, Sovcomflot can meet the most demanding customer requirements, providing effective transportation for oil & gas companies.